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What do we get on our group tour?

Here’s the best part – you get to tailor the day according to your group, the occasion, your preferences and time constraints.  So why not mix and match, do some wineries, as well as a cheese tasting, then lunch followed by chocolate tastings?  Whatever your preference, let us know – wombats are famous for being obliging – let us work out a special itinerary for you.

All private tours have a 2 course lunch included!

How big are the tours?

For groups we can cater for up to 24 passengers at any time and for groups of over 24, let us work out a special quote.

What sort of vehicle do we tour in?

You’ll find our touring vans comfortable and modern with air conditioning or heating depending on the weather.

How long do the tours go for?

Our tours generally run from 10.30am to 4.00pm from within the local area. If we pick you up in Melbourne the day goes from 9.30am to 5.00pm.

Where do I get picked up from and do the prices differ?

You have a few options and yes the prices vary slightly:

  • We can collect you from Lilydale Train Station or if you’re staying in the Valley, we’ll collect you from your accommodation. $130 per person.

  • If along the Warburton Highway, we collect from there too, just let us know when you book so we can check availability. $140 per person.

  • We pick up in Melbourne CBD, Monday to Friday at St Paul’s Cathedral and some CBD Hotels. $150 per person.

  • And at weekends we pick up from Melbourne hotels as well as St Paul’s Cathedral. $150 per person.

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How much are the tours?

There are various prices for our tours depending on pick up location and the itinerary you prefer. Tours are priced per person and if you do a set tour (as detailed here on our website), the prices are published – but for bespoke tours, we will give you your own quote tailored according to your itinerary.

Everything went off without a hitch. It was well organized and ran smoothly and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Doing both the Sanctuary and the Wine Tour was a good mix and as we had lots of Americans on board, they were pretty happy to see Australian animals and the much talked about Yarra Valley. The Restaurant definitely fitted the brief – gourmet food in a classy setting with fantastic views. The morning tea on the run worked out really well, they were pretty quick in churning out 31 coffees and the warm muffins were ready to go! Yvette was great too and very informative. So all in all – very successful.

Sam - Venue Selector Pty Ltd

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