What Wombat’s Drinking…

I was one of the lucky wombats who shopped early and managed to get their paws on a bottle of Cam McKenzie’s Four Pillars Christmas Gin, but as they produce such a small batch, they are now sold out til next year (top tip – and remember you heard it from me – they will release next year’s Christmas Gin for sale on Derby Day, put it in your diary) so I’m just sipping on that right now.  Four Pillars do a great little gift pack of 3 x 200ml bottles of their gins which should be back in stock now, as they ran out of them too, try them, perfect for a gin loving wombat this Christmas.

But another favourite tipple of mine right now, is any wine by Helen & Joey’s.  Have you been there on one of our tours?  They’ve got this scary huge white unicorn which made me run for cover the first time I saw it – but I see some of you brave human folk like to sit on it!!  I’d rather be in their cellar door learning about and quaffing their sweeter style of wines.

Now, have you had the good fortune yet to sup on a glass of Whispering Hills’ finest Grande Cuvee?  It’s a corker and so Christmassy. And I love their quirky little cellar door.  It’s small enough to be a burrow really, maybe that’s why I feel so at home there. Cracking food by Marie at weekends in the wood fired oven too, her sourdough is the best I’ve sampled in the Yarra Valley.

Ask your Wombat Tour Guide if you can include these places on your tour – they are some of my personal favourites.